5 Types of Posts To Engage Your Fans on Your MLM Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Marketing Strategiestoday share with you five types outposts to do youMLM Facebook Marketing StrategiesI that people are going to want to look at it so I want to keep them engagedHow to get more engagment on your mlm fan pageyou’re postingknow if all you ever post is pitches a buyer business opportunity yourabout products they are selling or something like that daypeople are gonna get turned off higher peak not been out for a drinkwith Facebook use Facebook lost at sea people that are engaged in love to seeat people commenting and liking clicking and so if you’realways constantly pussy spammy things are things thatonly benefit you and your business opportunityyour Facebook is gonna see that you’re talking engagementand its gonna stop showing people your posts so this is something that youcan’t youto I’m really start creating type%uh culture on your team are underEuropean page for your call I’m and the people are gonna run he engagedcompetent you the first thing is justgeneral value posts I’m like this one for example I post this morningright on interesting for me I drew coaching call yesterdayI was certainly worth sharing with you guys this abilityus credibility equals profitability and I just want to try and explain what thatis in kind of my insighthoping the basque and it was amazing to see if they’re gonna read itgonna make sense for two then it’s going to help them with their businessI propose that I love really is a great way to get freereasons for your page as well is to promotefree training opportunities that are going on especially if you areI’m an affiliate with the company I might for example I would tell you itwitha system call my reads historic route absolutelylove my Lead System Pro and dating free webinarsevery week I get to promote their put on bytop top income earners in the home businessspace the internet marketing space so I know that the training is going to bequiteI know that people are going to get value out and so what i do. is ayou know can you tell people hey this letter is coming up it’s about thistopicyou’re gonna really love it it’s going to be not able to: you can go toregisterI want people register for these free webinars they didn’t go onnewsletter less than I just communicate with multiple times throughout the weekCity Khalid for me for free which is really coolnow again as here’s anotherabsolute value post not getting anythingasking to sign up for anything just offering valueand I’m well close little short days the awesome and offer theselonger Dawg post sometimes it’ll just beestimates you know one breath quote one breath inside something very shortpeople can just read and think about as they go throughout the dayand this is another kind of persons that their tech posts and youand this is sharing a even out that I set out to my newsletter listnow I don’t do this one very often because typicallyenough to go out millions their list are reserved for people who wereon that list but this is a really powerful now and i ended up gettingquite a fewfreely from it because people ran the 5k I want to get stuff like this more oftenso I’m gonna ya gotta get on newsletter listnot personally comes only more free webinars that I washashing people change opportunities the fourth thing that you wanna share fromtime to timeis just personal stuff you love to connect with youas a person you like to see that you are a real person: likes real thingsI happen to be a baby Texas Tech ofI haven’t have 3 Red Raider alumni planeI on offense for the Broncos in Super Bowlnow obviously her to work out for us very wellgot here I share this is that a picture that Texas Techathletic department shared I shared a room i cant agents andyou okay do you think is going to win your who are you going for todayand I’m crashing when I was going for support kenneth was doing to youis personal posts they really just kinda sharewho you are as percent andthing that you wanna do you it is I’mshare content that you create whether that be a youtube videoor a blog post or something like that after examplethis is the posts on my blog and I shared its content for people to getoffering value again it’s something that people are going to get somethingout have I would stop being thrown in their face they can just go click on thelink if they want to youand I almost always get at least you’re threefree leads from posting my blog post on my pageoffer value and people again they say okay I wanna be on her newsletter lessI wanna get this value so and thatsa really important thing to to share as well as any content that you createthat really offers value for people nomineea bonus and that was the five ways that you can promote your pageand but this is that the six the bonus just rolled out a little bitfind a was actually done a few weeks agobut me and I got so much engagement from this postwhich really helps me and drink with Facebookand really man you just read more interesting rampageas you can see here this is another Chris low postare wedding anniversary a shower anniversary hellI got lotsa likes of comments shares and things like thatpost or blog postsnow this is the sixth way this is the sixth type a post that you can youthat’s going to read a lotI love I’m no other than the agent imon your page can’t get people looking at I’msure right now I’m probably seen Richard Shermanpretty much going haha Michael Crabtree after the NFC Championshipand you know it was a hot topic for two or three daysthis video essentially went viralamong the Facebook community and really all about all social mediaso what I did and I just posted the hell and I saidno hay what are your thoughts you think this is good healthy competitionyou think it’s lacking in class you know I’m not really foragainst a nice I know what you think what’s your opinion and you can seeI got lots of the comments and lots lotsengagement they have somebody clicked and watch this video it cutting edge buton my pageI’m to Facebook and got over sixty or seventy clicks from STLso those are just that I plus the bonuswith I suppose that you can make on your pageeither gonna make people like it sticker ourand take a look at what you’re doing so if you really you knowfocus on providing value and bounced back and forth betweenjust general value posts but the occasional poster you’re promotingsomething besidesattorney he volunteered to get I really not only getting engaged but they arealso being extremelyso I hope this video was helpful to you any questions be sure and get backyou’ll have to hell and actually are great stuff like thisI don’t forget to get our e-newsletter less and you said no change in justabout every day throughout the weekand so it’s really great place to get a lot of preaching for your businesstalk to you soon have a great day

Updated: August 5, 2015 — 7:47 pm
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