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do do hated Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketinga DJ I’m really excited about everything going on in my business right nowand Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingand I can’t wait to share all are the insight that I had to share with youguyshave a lot about you I learned firm summitted Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingtop producers industrywho have done it mostly using Facebookand some what I’m teaching year in this video seriesso this video series is people training Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingutilizing attraction marketing tacticsand attraction marketing is it really a tacticattraction marketing is just exactly what it isit it thanks its learned monstera marketing look at McDonalds advertising Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketinglook at Target act advertising look at some big chain restaurant advertisingthey’re not knocking on people’s doors thank you wanna come to our restaurantto eat ouryou the they’re not doing that their advertising in a way Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingand indicated people to want to go to the restaurant or go to their store andpurchased thingand that is what you gonna do soif you’re wondering if this stuff works look at those big giant corporations andhow they’re makingsuch huge profit margin and you’ll understand a little bit better why Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingattraction marketing is sopowerful so I’mthis is gonna be a bit you serious I did mention or any other aboutideas and later with ministers human at the and I’m its out or look at anythingand honor and many offering is it used every day until theirDarren and I’m just ready to get down on parI’m excited about everything that’s happening and i wanna help all you Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingmarketers out there who our new who aremay be struggling who I’m aren’t doing it right me and you’re not getting theresults you wantyou make it for money here and there but you’re not getting any serious firstgoaland I i’m just I’m just here to help you while Attraction Marketing and Facebook MarketingI’m here to your teach you some things that are the gonna take your business tothe next level and not only thatit’s clinton overturn start givingnetwork marketing internet marketing a better name thats what up homieso a little about me as I didn’tindustry for over seven years network marketing armI was doing some offline and online programs on direct salesand and never really had any success of the first six years IAaron struggled I meet the money and then come packed I’mI would break even how was like just a week currently some moneybut really in the end it was in a week because what happened was Ifield for bird and now I know so much more Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingan aching so much value and knowledgeover the time that now I just know not what not to do. so my successnow it can be anything or Facebook I’m gettinghow we need skill rank 20 hi and 5500 at the dayno longer add anybody are and daughter they should butand we’re not friends yet on my granny friend so I’ll add thembut most the time and getting people coming to mewanted to do business with me armso it shouldn’t Danish the mount everest they’ve been gettingand and how I just in doing some evilsimple thing that everybody can do you with noare money investment what so ever Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketing besideswhatever cost me start up your business here but when it comes to marketingthere’s no investment needed when you’re on Facebook sowhy Facebook from Lakeyou know it’s so damn temperamental burkhart League internet people jealousI’m in right now and you can get thrown in jail for so many differentI am and I’m gonna get into some other reasons later videosbut really onwhy Facebook when there are so many other ways to marketpaper marketing use all the lads to you banner ads article some people’s websiteyou can on these Craigslist you can use so many other forms of marketingyou can use other social media afterwards Lake YouTube you can usePinterest Twitterearners away more now there’s currently in use social mediaor as being the every single day so why Facebookare well bring your doing basic market Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingmilitary because not place should not place for it becausepeople not at all bored and they will slapping down for that if you anythinglook at the Billboardyou can pay for their advertising and that is the best way to do itso what used his facebookif its current corny you know shanks both counts down everythingwell except the best place to build relationshipsFacebook can be a struggle because it has temperamentalis but you can still work outside the box I get that on FB for a nappyjail right now and I’m still getting me I have a link something like almostthirtyand request that I haven’t looked at it yet I just have a little notificationbut high school just getting like math result even though if he’s Jaron becauseI’m still offering value to my followersalready bill that following the thing about a truck is when you’re usingattraction marketing in Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingit’s one in the same thing attraction marketing about building relationshipswith people areand then when they see how much value you’re giving them if they comeknocking on your door asking to join your business Facebook at the perfectplatform because it allows you to builda more personal relationship people are the future givendaily where on Twitter but the broadcast one video it’s kind of likeautomatic purse that one’s kinda like set it and forget it on anystill interact of things but gonna the thingyadd East she’s very powerful there’s so many people are peopleall the time and people arejust car the interacting with you that’s where you want to beespecially in using attraction marketing that’s why Facebook there’s just so manyusers it’s a really big happen to have a more personal connection with peopleinto you really believe what you wantthe personal personal connection sowhat don’t you gil Facebook winner to do. don’t over friend people don’t over message peopletire a. m. people Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingguy be anyKamiak simple ass sending companymessage you have not build a friendship relationship with andsaying hey are you interested in making money with methat is here tuner people’s message back in thetheir your inbox dinner in people’s wallsdo not stay in people’s hearst I feel kinda ridiculousand again Facebook not a billboard if you want toadvertised then he forsome store traffic or advertising tonightuse Facebook at a billboard and advertise your businessif not for that its first social interactionnot for advertising not quite FacebookMiami down on people because people are misusing their serviceI’ve done it I’m sure you done eating maybe you’re still doing itand that’s why I’m here to give you that Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketing insight don’t wanna do that you once yousocialite you do not want to advertisemake that clear okay but that’s okn what not to dodo not allauto poster on a message arethose things just don’t work you get caught January people can see hurts weneed or you know the type of program that you’re using to the paper’s authorsoryour other person group you know to pop up in my news feed that Ghost like sixgroupsinfecting everything back hun ridiculous always arethey’re not taken seriously dollar attack other people’s businesses andtheir Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketingthere what they’re doing are even if you’ve been in before and he you haven’tsolvedsenior success you think your thing is way better than their day don’t attackit justsay hey i’m looking for to seeing some in your success in work after me but Ihope it works out for you and you know let me know if I can give you any valuelet me know if I can help you out with anything you’re getting more athletesaged let me know if I can help you outalways be offering doubt you that’s how you build relationships and thisand don’t lie about your results areand jeaner deceitfulor act like you’re interested in somebody thing when you’re not just agameyou know a conversations you reverse market on that’s a really tacky I willblock peoplenearing and and sowhat to do what do you do well that’s what I’m gonna be talking aboutin this neck upcoming are thethe upcoming videos I’m going to me this one’s there are not this is public enemy Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketinglong after thea little intro about myself in my own success and maintenancemain results and are I’m looking forward to youin eastern new videos for you guys help mefor more anymore and areI’m really excited about what’s to come so be ready to check out the videotomorrow and Iwill CNN afghani do dothedothethe that Attraction Marketing and Facebook Marketing

Updated: August 5, 2015 — 7:47 pm
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