Business Tips: Effectively Use Facebook as a Marketing Platform

– So Jay P. , what do you think costs less and gets more sales,Facebook ads or mailers?- Well, it depends for who. For commercial photographers, for portrait photographers,for videographers? It depends on who. – It’s less for all of them and more effective for all of them. I can’t wait to tell you. – [Jay P. ] Before we begin, we want to thank Squarespace for not only believingin your career by sponsoring these business videos, but also for creating agreat website platform that you can use with these. With a drag and drop contenteditor and 24/7 support, you’ll be live in no time. Use this code to get 10% off. ♪[music]♪Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan. – And I’m Adelaide Lawren. And today we are comparing Facebook ads to mailers,which costs less and which is more effective. So, I went online and I lookedat sending a thousand people mailers through USPS. So, for a thousand people itcost $170, which is 17 cents per person to mail. And then I just went onto anonline printer and I found I could print a thousand postcards for $50. So now we’reat $220 to mail it out to a neighborhood of about a thousand people. So I just wantto point out some really important things about this. The first one is everyone inthat neighborhood isn’t in your target audience. – A lot of them aren’t in your target audience. That’s just a blitz— Yeah. – –kind of. But when you say your neighborhood— Let’s say you’re doing a. . . – Photographers aregonna buy a list like from the Workbook or something and becomemore focused on art directors or, but– – But, like, let’s say— –if you do portrait work. – –near a school or. . . – Yeah. – I’m sayingfor portrait work, you would send it out. Another way thatphotographers use mailers is they leave it in, like, a store that’s relevant to thepeople that they shoot with. Or they can go and buy a list and, again, that costsyou money. Now for Facebook ads, what you do is you choose your demographic, youchoose people who live in a certain area and are engaged, and you look at thingslike that. So if you’re doing weddings, that works really well. You can target people whose kids go to certain schools or moms who are part ofcertain organizations, so you know they’re moms and how many kids they have. You cantarget these people. You can target business owners, you can find artdirectors and we can target their profiles with Facebook. But how much does that cost you?- I’ll tell you an experience we had. We targeted a company that we wanted torespond to us at The Slanted Lens, and so we targeted every person who worked atthat company on their Facebook. We found their Facebook, we did a profile, sent adsout to every one of those people. After just a week or two they’re going,”You guys are everywhere. ” – Yeah. – No, we’re not everywhere. We were just on their, 30 people, and it cost us, noit wasn’t 30 people, it was less than 30 people. It cost us less than $30. So. . . – Yes. – Very effective to get a very targeted market. – Yes. So for $220 that you could have spent on mailers, if you spend $220 onFacebook, what we like to do is we like to get the adspend really low by making itspecific. And this is something that we teach you in the TSL Business Coachingclass. So if you do that, you’re going to get 5 to 10 cents per engagement. So, with that $220, you’re reaching 2200 people to 4400 people and they arein your target audience and it’s happening right now. It is cool. It’s awesome. And then, what we’re also going toteach you is how to blog in a way that the people in your target audience are goingto want to go to your website. We’re going to show you how to get offers out to themthat they’ll want to take advantage of. This is a very exciting way right now thatyou can grow your business for way less. Especially if you’re targeting artdirectors. You can be doing, or even certain businesses, like, say you’re goingafter bakeries, you’re going after something like that, you’re spending $5 amonth to go after them. – It’s definitely worth the experiment to go after and see if you can find thesepeople this way. I mean, it really is worth the money ’cause this money, theinvestment is so low. It’s a great way to kind of test and say, “Well, are thesepeople going to respond?” or, “Is that person gonna respond?”- And. . . – It’s really worth it, worth the time. Learning how to do it is a little bit of alearning curve and we’re going to teach you in The Slanted Lense Business classexactly how to target the people, how to set the Facebook ads up, and how to beable to get a return on that. – Yeah. And I like what you said about, you know, you start getting an ad out tothem ’cause something we like to do is once we find an ad that’s really working,say you’re spending $4 to make a $400 sale, then we’re going to say, “Okay,you know, put a lot of money into that because you’re gonna get a lot of $400— It’s a great return. – –sales from $4–“- Yeah. – –and that’s something that you can do. So, sign up for the Business Coachingclass. It’s starting September 3rd. Reserve your spot today. – At theslantedlens. com.

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