Facebook Marketing: 3 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are So Effective

Alright, in this video you’re going to discover three reasons why Facebook marketing is soeffective. But before I reveal those to you, if you are looking for 17 advanced secretsthat you can use to get 248% ROI right now, go ahead and click the link that’s belowthe video. The first reason Facebook marketing is so effective is it gives you unprecedentedtargeting options that no other platform can give you. What you are able to do is you areable to target on multiple levels. So you’ve got your demographic targeting which is simplythings like age, gender, marital status. But they also have some advanced demographic targetingas they’ve partnered with several data companies, so you can filter people down if they arehomeowners, you can get their income net worth. There’s a lot of advanced demographic targetingthat you can’t get on any other platform. The other part of that is you can actual targetpeople by psychographics. And psychographics are the things they are interested in. Sofor example if you are selling a debt elimination program you can target people who like DaveRamsey, because you know that they are interested in that type of thing. So when you combinepsychographics along with the demographics, it allows you to really laser target yourmarket, which is something you can’t get from any other advertising platform online. The second thing is that Facebook advertising is extremely affordable. You can very easilyget clicks for far less than a dollar. So if you are trying to target people on Google,you would pay five to ten times the amount to get the same type of traffic as what youcan get on Facebook. So not only is it less expensive, but it also converts really, reallyhighly so there’s massive ROI potential on Facebook for you. The third thing I wantto share with you today is the native advertising options that you get with Facebook. So whatthat is, is just a term to describe the type of advertising that it is. And it’s reallyjust more disguised content. It looks like the content around it. So one of the ad unitsthat Facebook allows you to use is what they call a desktop newsfeed ad. And so that adwill show up in your prospects newsfeed based on the targeting options that you choose,just like a status post will. And so you can make it look just like status posts and itmakes these ads highly, highly, highly effective. They get the highest click through rates outof any ad unit on Facebook and they convert very, very, very well. One thing you needto understand is that online advertising is becoming increasingly difficult to pull offsuccessfully using the traditional methods, because people are simply becoming blind tothem. The most effective way to combat this is using native advertisements, which is justa fancy term for ads that look similar to the content around them. It sounds counter-intuitive,but the best way to get noticed is to actually blend in. Think of soap operas and infomercials. They are the original native ads and have been running successfully for decades, sellingbillions of dollars of products. Now if you want to start leveraging native ads, there’stwo choices you can make. You can go out and spend all the time and money trying to figurethem out on your own. Or you can just click the image on the right. That will take youto a page where you can get free, instant access to a special video I put together justfor you. It’s called 17 Advanced Native Advertising Secret Insiders Use to Get 248%ROI Right Now. These are all techniques that have been proven to work through multipletests across the 22 accounts I manage for clients and myself. You can use them to drivesales of products or to generate leads for selling high ticket products and servicesover the phone. It will literally save you massive amounts of time and money. So go aheadand click that image right now to get this video while it’s fresh on your mind.

Updated: August 5, 2015 — 7:47 pm
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