Facebook Marketing Tips & Tricks For the Serious Social Media Marketer

http://collinsampson. getfansgetpaid. com/ – Are you looking for some solid Facebook marketingtips? If so, then you are in the right place. In this video, I share with you 5 proven Facebookmarketing tips that can change your business and help you make more money! Stop wastingtime and money on strategies that don’t work. http://collinsampson. getfansgetpaid. com/Out of all the social media, I think Facebook takes the cake. It’s turned into a GIANT andit’s a virtual ATM for people in marketing that know what they’re doing. Connecting with your audience and making personal connections via Facebook is an extremely effectiveway to build relationships with people over time and build your brand online. I have to thank people like Michelle and all the awesome leaders inside of my marketingsystem for these Facebook marketing tips and tricks. To check out the generic marketingsystem these Facebook marketing heavy hitters are using, go here: http://mlsp. co/ccrazOne thing I’ve noticed about leaders is that they don’t mind sharing information that canhelp other progress and get results. Here are the Facebook marketing tips thatcan help you build YOUR brand online like an expert. Facebook Marketing Tip #1 0:56 – Make a professional looking fan page. Invest in some nice photos!Facebook Marketing Tip #2 1:55 – Build a consistent brand!Facebook Marketing Tip #3 2:57 – Use Facebook Applications tab to createvalue and get Fans!Facebook Marketing Tip #4 3:54 – Build a fan base by inviting friendsand running an ad for more likes!Facebook Marketing Tip #5 4:49 – Engage with your fans consistently!If you enjoyed these Facebook marketing tips & tricks, please leave a comment below and be sure to visit my blog: http://MeetCollinSampson. comAnd here’s the deal I was talking about in the video, this is for people that want to take their Facebook marketing to the next level! Click the link to continue your Facebook marketing trainingand see how a friend of mine built a 6-figure business in 6 months ALL using Facebook marketingstrategies like these. http://collinsampson. getfansgetpaid. com/Silly legal disclaimer that has to be here: The creator of this video may one day receivefinancial compensation from actions resulting from this video. http://youtu. be/xbVkzwgKBZw

Updated: August 5, 2015 — 7:47 pm
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