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FB Contest

We’ve all seen the “Like now and win!” contests and promotions on Facebook. But while these on-page games are fun and can potentially ignite a lot of follower engagement, it’s important to launch these little games the right way to avoid A) Looking tacky, B) Messing them up, and C) Being unfair.

Below, I will discuss the ins and outs of putting on Facebook promotions as a reference point for the next time you want to try something new.


A promotion is as easy as posting something like, “Use coupon code XYZ123 right now for 20 percent off your next purchase!” When you post these coupon codes and deals, it’s important to add in a link that takes followers exactly where you want them to go. This will typically be a product page or blurb that provides detailed info on the promotion.

Also, it helps to make these promotions visible by using images. It doesn’t take long to create a graphic that explains the sale, how to use a code and what the promotion is for. You can even encourage people to share, comment and like these images to get more exposure.

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Updated: November 19, 2014 — 7:03 pm
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