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Twitter is a wonderful way to engage with current customers and clients as well as attract new business. Twitter has its own distinct tools that people use to communicate with others. Once you understand how Twitter works and how to properly use its features, it can become an invaluable part of your business.

Founded in 2006, Twitter is a real-time social networking site that has gone on to draw in over 500 million regular users. Although similar to other popular social media sites, the main attraction that sets Twitter apart is called a “Tweet.”.

Tweets are short, public messages limited to 140 characters or less that lets users share updates, ideas, questions, announcements and more. As more and more people go mobile, Twitter is quickly becoming the favorite social media application for smartphone users.
While Twitter can be a great marketing tool for your company, you probably have questions about it and wonder whether or not it can really help grow your business.
Whether you are already using Twitter or have yet to embark on the Twitter journey, here are 10 popular Questions and Answers that most small businesses have about this platform:.

1) What is Twitter and how much does it cost?

Twitter is a free real-time social networking site where users can exchange public instant messages. Each message, called a “tweet,” can contain up to 140 characters. Tweets allow people share news stories, personal updates, ideas, announcements, or anything else users find interesting.

For businesses, Twitter can help you quickly share your products and service information. Additionally, you can see what other users are talking about, gather feedback, and communicate, which will help you build a loyal customer base.

Not only that, but Twitter is a great way to network with other businesses in your industry and follow their progress. In other words, Twitter gives you an inside view of how the competition is doing by simply following their tweets. Additionally, you may find different ways to market your products/services by learning what other successful businesses are doing on Twitter.

2) How can I attract customers with Twitter?

Start out by following people yourself. Use the “find people” search feature and search by name, location, or interests. Other Twitter users that share the same business or even personal interests will be more inclined to follow you.

Once you start tweeting, your messages have the potential of trending for millions of users to see. If you consistently tweet interesting and authentic information about your business, your tweets may even go viral, meaning other sites will pick up on your information and spread the word of your company. This allows invaluable information about your company and the services you offer to potentially to reach prospective customers all over the globe.

{Keep in mind that Twitter thrives on interaction between its users. Instead of only promoting your business, you’ll need to spend time building online relationships with other users. Start by tweeting helpful tips, answering questions, and engaging in one-on-one conversations with users who have relevant interests.

3) How many followers is a good number to have?

There is no benefit in having thousands upon thousands of followers just for the sake of having high numbers. Granted, you’ll want to get your business exposed to as many people as possible, but concentrate more on how many new customers you are bringing in through your Twitter activities. When you publish a tweet, it’s seen publicly by everyone. Granted, you’ll want to get your business exposed to as many people as possible, but concentrate more on how many new customers you are bringing in through your Twitter activities. Even people who aren’t following you may stumble upon one of your tweets and become a new customer.

4) How much should I tweet every day?

The most important thing to remember is that you need to tweet as much as you can without seeming spam-like or boring. Tweets should be interesting, so if you don’t have anything productive to say, it’s perfectly fine to not tweet for a day.

In other words, there is no need to tweet for the sake of having constant tweets. Yet, you don’t want to stay inactive for too long. Even if you don’t have a tweet to share, always check your Twitter account for questions and direct messages, which could inspire a new tweet.

Also, tweets are now starting to show up in most of the major search engines. For this to happen, however, there is a little bit of work involved on your part. By providing consistent tweets with the proper keywords on a regular basis, your tweets, along with your company website and other social media sites, have a better chance of moving up to the first page of Google, Yahoo!, and other major search engine results. Since most people click on the links that show up on the first page, having your company’s information rank as high as possible is imperative. By providing consistent tweets with the proper keywords on a regular basis, your tweets, along with your company website and other social media sites, have a better chance of moving up to the first page of Google, Yahoo!

5) Should I reply to every customer who sends tweets to me?

Twitter is one of the easiest ways to provide customer service. When your followers ask questions, all it takes is a few minutes to reply. Additionally, tweets are in real-time. Customers and followers will see your message just as soon as it’s posted, and can easily reply back to you with a click of a button.

Unfortunately, there will be times when inauthentic users will contact you. Spammers, bots, and other fake account holders have the tendency to send out mass tweets to users at random. It’s perfectly fine to ignore these types of tweets. 

6) How do I make my business stand out with only 140 characters for each tweet?

As aforementioned, Twitter is a communication site, so you’ll need to think of ways to actively communicate and reach your target audience with direct yet engaging words; they just have to be short and to the point.
This could actually be a good thing …
For instance, if you’re busy yet need to promote your business effectively, Twitter’s 140 word character limit along with the site’s ease of use will help you quickly say what you need to say within a matter of minutes. In addition, you can break up your message into a series of tweets.
If you need more characters, consider using hashtags. Hashtags, words with the # symbol in front, will reduce your character count and put your keywords into Twitter’s search engine. If you’re having a sales promotion, simply tweet #promotion and your keyword will be searchable to other users.
If you find you still need more characters to get your message across, link back to your blog or company website.

7) How can I get more people to follow me?

One of the first things you should do when you sign up for Twitter is complete your bio and add a picture. People are much less likely to follow someone who doesn’t offer any details about themselves. A company logo and a few details about your company will go long way in the Twitter world. Additionally, be certain to add your Twitter profile to your company website, any blogs you may have, and on other social media sites.

8) What is a Hashtag and how does it help my business?

A hashtag is term that Twitter uses for keywords prefixed with “#”. This allows Twitter to categorize keywords and publish them into a real-time news feed. When someone searches for this keyword, it will appear in the feed. If someone searches for a roofer on Twitter, and your hashtag is #roofer, then it will appear in the user’s search result. 

Hashtags are extremely favorable for companies, brands, and businesses as you can tweet your products, services, and company name directly into Twitter’s search engine. This makes it simpler for users to find categorized topics.

Moreover, hashtags allow suitable participants who are genuinely interested in your services to join your tweet conversations, which in turn will help you turn the conversations into new sales.

9) Some customers have tweeted how much they like my business. Is there a way to share this information with others to attract more business?

Twitter has a simple function under each tweet called “retweet.” When you click on “retweet,” the tweet will automatically be retweeted for others to see. Followers love to read interesting tweets, and if you retweet your customer’s praise too many times, others may find this redundant and boring. This is not to say you should never retweet positive feedback, but more often you should reply directly to the customers and thank them.

10) Should I follow everyone so I can to get more customers?

Following everyone you come across doesn’t guarantee more customers. It’s better to have 5,000 people you can engage with and share business information with as opposed to 50,000 who aren’t interested in your services. 

You’ll also find people following you who never interact with you and have no interest in your business. There is no rule saying that you must follow everyone back that follows you. In these instances, these types of followers are playing a numbers game in hopes that you will follow back. Use your discretion when deciding who to follow back.

Signing up for Twitter is a free, relatively simple process. Visit the official Twitter sign-up page and follow the instructions. Before signing up, it’s a good idea to have your bio written and your profile picture ready to go.
I help local businesses in the area setup and manage their Social Media profiles, so contact me at 732-523-2600 for a free consultation if you would like some help with this process.

Updated: November 19, 2014 — 6:58 pm
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