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Relationships and Even Your Life

Last week, I was invited to speak at what can only be described as THE direct marketing event. It was called “The Titans of Direct Response”.

Here I was, closing out the event on a second panel. I look to my left and I see marketing legends like Jay Abraham and Joe Sugarman. Plus, a collection of some greatest copywriters that ever lived.


And someone from the audience asks an interesting question for all the panelists…

“What is the best question someone in the audience should ask you?”

Now that’s a great question.

Hmmm….  sure, you could go with the typical, “if you had to start over again with no money and no connections, what would you do?”. OR “what’s your #1 traffic tip”.

But I instantly knew the best question to ask.

It’s the ONE question that will establish relationships. And it’s the best way to build your business… because relationships are everything!

When it was my turn to speak, I grabbed the mic and said the following…

“Here is the one question you could have asked each of us in the hallways.. it’s just 5 simple words, but it will transform your business….


That’s it.

Instead of just talking about the weather. Or how YOU have a great product with a $3.50 EPC… ask how you can support this person.

I can’t tell you how many events I’ve been to where someone gets two inches from my face and says one of the following two things…

“Ryan, I’m a fan.. can I pick your brain?”


“Ryan, I have a new product coming out. It’s great and it pays 50% commission. Can you promote it to your list?”

I’m always polite, but I make a mental note. They are only interested in a one-way relationship – and it’s clearly all about them. They are “takers” and I avoid takers.

During the event, I finally met Jay Abraham face-to-face after listening to his tapes for years (yes, I used to listen to his programs on cassette!). One of the very first things I said to him was, “Jay, I love your training material. It helped my business. How can I support you?”.

But the thing is, you have to truly “mean it” (and I did mean it with Jay… we are now connected, starting to build a relationship and exchanging text messages).

Your offer to help/support someone is NOT lip-service. It can’t be fake. And it can’t be self-serving.

You don’t ask how you can help/support someone – and then never reply to their email. This is the beginning of a relationship.. and you have to give from the heart (and ask for nothing in return).

Brian Kurtz, who put on the Titans event, is a prime example of giving first. He always gives and never asks for a thing in return. It’s the reason why he got the best living marketers and copywriters to come share the stage for 3 days. It’s the reason why Gary Bencivenga gave his first public talk in… well, EVER!

Thankfully – I think my message from the stage came through loud and clear. I saw lots of heads nodding. And a few people told me that one tip was transformative.

In fact, I received over a dozen emails this week from people I met with a similar message of offering help. Here are a couple of them…




The next time you meet someone at an event. Or you are trying to connect online with a person you’d like to do business with.. stick to these five words, “How Can I Support You” – and you’ll see how your life will change.

P.S. Here’s my offer to support you in your quest for a really great lifestyle business.

Updated: November 19, 2014 — 7:05 pm

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