Video Marketing Pearl of the Week- Mobile Marketing in 2016

Hi its Dr. Alan and I’m back with what you need to know to make sure your marketing in the coming year is what it needs to be. Last time we spoke about video and unless you are doing video you have no marketing program and remember we are talking about video of you, which we have been teaching people to do for years. Assuming your website is mobile friendly, and if it isn’t you might as well not have one, time spent on mobile friendly websites continues to decline and averaged just 14% of the US mobile consumer’s time, or 22 minutes per day. Now wait a second. People are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. The average person now spends more than 3 hours a day on their phones. 65% of all internet traffic is now mobile. According to Facebook, 65 percent of Facebook video views occur on mobile. Mobile payment is up over 42% this year alone. There are now 844 million Facebook Mobile daily active users.

Up to 78% of Facebook users ONLY login from a Mobile Device. So if they are not spending their time on mobile friendly websites, where are they spending their time? On mobile Apps. The data tells a clear story. Apps, which were considered a mere fad a few years ago, are completely dominating mobile. Apps are the only way to own a piece of real-estate on your patient’s and potential patient’s mobile devices and brand your business not brand Periscope or Facebook. Google gives preference in mobile search to those people that have their own Apps.

Your patients expect you to have your own App so you need to. Lets face it email is terrible and getting worse. If you want to reach over 90% of your patients and share with them what it is you do and why you do it, you have to have your own mobile Apps If you are choosing a marketing program for the coming year, you now know, that program must put you in your own videos and and those videos need to be playing in your own mobile Apps just like we do for all our SYSTEM clients. For the SYSTEM I’m Dr. Alan and next time I’m going to show you how really important the content you share with your patients is, and that content better be everything health.

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